Seeing God's Word Come Alive...

Title Date Author

TGCL Beginnings and endings on the word of God

2018-02-18 Eder Goncalves

TGCL A daily choice to be made part 2

2018-02-11 Eder Goncalves

TGCL A Daily choice to be made

2018-02-11 Eder Goncalves

The power of words

2018-02-04 Bob Reeves

Free the captives

2018-01-28 Bill Cowie

Investing your faith

2018-01-21 Eder Goncalves

Faith is the currency of Heaven

2018-01-14 Eder Goncalves

Enjoying God enjoying us

2018-01-14 Haven Shank

Seek to know Scripture

2018-01-07 Eder Goncalves

The journey of Christmas

2017-12-31 Eder Goncalves

Faith and Joy

2017-12-10 Eder Goncalves

Joy v happiness

2017-12-10 Eder Goncalves

The Gospel

2017-12-03 Eder Goncalves

Rediscover the Gospel

2017-11-26 Eder Goncalves

Being Fruitful

2017-11-19 Brian Windram

Faith and Hope

2017-11-12 Haven Shank

Fix your Faith

2017-11-12 Andre Barbosa

The lifestyle of the Cross

2017-11-05 Eder Goncalves

What is the Message of The Cross

2017-10-29 Eder Goncalves

The Message of the Cross

2017-10-22 Eder Goncalves

Jesus is The Bread of Life

2017-10-15 Eder Goncalves

The Bread of Life

2017-10-08 Eder Goncalves

The Good News part 1 -AM

2017-10-01 Eder Goncalves

The Good News part 2 - PM

2017-10-01 Eder Goncalves

What news are you watching

2017-09-24 Eder Goncalves

Keep coming back to God

2017-09-19 Martin


2017-09-17 Sam Pangiran

Judgement Day

2017-09-10 Steve Shank

God's way or the highway

2017-09-03 Steve Shank

Letting go of your temple

2017-08-27 Eder Goncalves

Choose this day

2017-08-20 Keith Mothersole

Is Christ supreme in your life

2017-08-06 Eder Goncalves

To be in Christ

2017-07-30 Eder Goncalves

Is Jesus walking with you

2017-07-23 Eder Goncalves

Speaking God's Word

2017-07-16 James Belton

Testimony and being Jesus to others

2017-07-09 Andre Barbosa

The Holy Spirit

2017-06-11 Andrew Scarcliffe

Don't look back

2017-06-05 Eder Goncalves

Shema and take a stand

2017-05-28 Eder Goncalves

Who we are in God

2017-05-14 Steve Shank

Purpose and Identity

2017-05-07 Brian Windram


2017-04-30 Eder Goncalves

Knowing your Destiny

2017-04-16 Eder Goncalves

Remember your Destiny

2017-04-09 Eder Goncalves

Dove Love or Pigeon Religion

2017-04-06 Eder Goncalves

The Image of God and His Power

2017-04-02 Eder Goncalves

Shetland update

2017-03-26 Fergus

The power of prayer

2017-03-12 Bill Cowie

I am a co heir with Christ

2017-03-05 Eder Goncalves

You are God's heir

2017-02-26 Eder Goncalves

God's strength in us

2017-02-19 James Belton and others

Gillian's testimony - God's transformation

2017-02-19 Gillian Windram

The Power of God

2017-02-12 Darren Canning

Built in the image of God

2017-02-05 Eder Goncalves

What am I doing here

2017-01-29 Peter Wilkes

Who am I - part three

2017-01-22 Eder Goncalves

Who am I - part two

2017-01-15 Eder Goncalves

Who am I - part one

2017-01-08 Eder Goncalves

Who do you trust

2017-01-06 Eder Goncalves

The Grace

2017-01-01 Eder Goncalves

The Simple Gospel

2017-01-01 Eder Goncalves

For to us

2016-12-24 Andre Barbosa


2016-12-24 Andre Barbosa

The Gift of Peace

2016-12-24 Eder Goncalves

The Purpose of Christmas

2016-12-20 Eder Goncalves

The purpose of Christmas

2016-12-18 Eder Goncalves

You are valuable

2016-12-11 Eder Goncalves

We are not alone

2016-12-04 Mark Gelliatry

Remain in His love

2016-11-27 Bill Cowie

The power and purpose of the prophetic

2016-11-20 Steve Shanks

Born to die

2016-11-13 Eder Goncalves

The power of a grateful heart

2016-11-06 Eder Goncalves

Seek first the Kingdom

2016-10-23 Eder Goncalves

We've crossed - What now

2016-10-16 James Belton

We've crossed - What now

2016-10-16 James Belton

We've crossed - What now

2016-10-16 James Belton

Eternity within

2016-10-09 Bill Cowie

The Harvest

2016-10-02 Eder Goncalves

The Harvest

2016-10-02 Eder Goncalves

For where your treasure is

2016-09-25 Eder Goncalves

The yeasts of the mind

2016-09-18 Eder Goncalves

We are justifed through Faith

2016-09-11 Bill Cowie

God of the overflow

2016-09-04 Grahame Banks

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Our Father's desire for our lives. Freedom

2016-08-28 Eder Goncalves

No longer slaves

2016-08-21 Eder Goncalves

The Gospel is

2016-08-14 Bill Cowie

The power of the renewed mind

2016-08-07 Eder Goncalves

The power of a renewed mind

2016-07-31 Eder Goncalves

The power of the transformed mind part one

2016-07-24 Eder Goncalves

The power of the transformed mind part 1

2016-07-24 Eder Goncalves

Piercing your darkness

2016-07-17 Eder Goncalves

Hearing from God

2016-07-10 Mark Gelliatry

Possessing the land Revival

2016-07-03 James Belton

The point of life

2016-06-26 Brian Windram

Bamboo part 2

2016-06-19 Eder Goncalves

The Fire of God

2016-06-12 Steve Shanks

Can God speak through nature Bamboo trees

2016-06-05 Eder Goncalves


2016-05-29 Eder Goncalves

God has the best opinion

2016-05-22 Marcelo Guimaraes

Hearing from God

2016-05-15 James Belton

God brings order to chaos

2016-05-01 Bill Cowie

God brings order to chaos

2016-05-01 Bill Cowie

The Word became flesh

2016-04-24 Eder Goncalves

Baptism Why we do it

2016-04-17 Eder Goncalves

No longer slaves to fear

2016-04-03 Eder Goncalves

Easter Message

2016-03-27 Eder Goncalves

God reveals your purpose

2016-03-13 Eder Goncalves

Hearing the Voice of God

2016-03-06 Eder Goncalves

The Holy Spirit

2016-02-28 Jim Purves

Hope in Christ

2016-02-21 Eder Goncalves

A New Way

2016-02-07 Eder Goncalves

The Voice of God

2016-01-24 Eder Goncalves

Do not worry

2016-01-17 Brian Windram

God Listens to us

2016-01-17 Mark - Teen Challenge

The Truth about Sowing and Reaping

2016-01-03 Eder Goncalves

Be Do Have

2015-12-27 Eder Goncalves

To have life and have it to the fullest

2015-12-13 Eder Goncalves

Transformed by The Holy Spirit

2015-12-06 Eder Goncalves

The uncertainty of life and time

2015-11-22 Eder Goncalves

Crossing over

2015-11-15 James Belton

Who are you

2015-11-08 Graeme Banks

The Impossible made possible

2015-11-01 Eder Goncalves

We become what we choose to worship

2015-10-25 Eder Goncalves

What is driving your life

2015-10-18 Eder Goncalves


2015-10-11 Bill Cowie

The Word became Flesh

2015-10-02 Eder Goncalves

A grateful heart

2015-09-27 Eder Goncalves

God's Strength to keep us going

2015-09-20 Eder Goncalves

2nd letter to the Ephesians

2015-09-13 Bill Cowie

My Peace I give you

2015-09-06 Eder Goncalves

Taking a stand for Christ

2015-09-06 Eder Goncalves

John 3:16 plus testimonies and healings

2015-08-30 John Mellor

Called to serve

2015-08-30 Eder Goncalves

Gold and silver I have none

2015-08-28 John Mellor

He began to teach

2015-08-23 Eder Goncalves

Ministry Mobilisation

2015-08-16 Brian Windram

Blessed are the poor in spirit

2015-08-09 Eder Goncalves

You shall be perfect

2015-08-02 Eder Goncalves

The Light of The Gospel

2015-05-10 Eder Goncalves

Can these bones live 2

2015-05-03 Andy Scarcliffe

Can these bones live

2015-05-03 Andy Scarcliffe

Jesus miracles and mission

2015-05-03 Jovenilo Viera

Walk by Faith not by sight

2015-02-08 Eder Goncalves

Hope and Godly Expectations

2015-02-01 Eder Goncalves

One Body many parts

2015-01-25 John Drummond

Trust in Him

2015-01-25 Eder Goncalves

LiTS Remain in Jesus

2015-01-25 Eder Goncalves

Discipline and Perserverence

2015-01-18 Donald Cormack

Four Principles of Anointing

2015-01-18 Brian Windram

This is the year

2015-01-11 Bill Cowie

What is your snare

2015-01-04 Eder Goncalves

Sowing and Reaping

2015-01-03 Eder Goncalves

Life through the Spirit PM

2014-11-02 Eder Goncalves

Are you ready PM

2014-11-02 Eder Goncalves

God is with us always AM

2014-10-26 Alan


2014-10-19 Yoric

Dump your baggage to be filled by Jesus AM

2014-10-05 Graeme Banks

Who you are AM

2014-09-28 Hudson Taylor

Abrahams choice PM

2014-09-28 Osario

Obedience in Baptism PM

2014-09-21 Eder Goncalves

Endurance inspired by hope AM

2014-09-14 Eder Goncalves

Overcoming fear PM

2014-09-14 Eder Goncalves

Labour prompted by Love AM

2014-09-07 Eder Goncalves

Labour prompted by Love AM

2014-09-07 Eder Goncalves


2014-06-01 Eder Goncalves


2014-06-01 Judson Rodriguez

Are we blind?

2014-02-16 Eder Goncalves

The paralysed man

2014-01-19 Charles

The benefits of abiding in Christ

2014-01-12 Eder Goncalves

Look to Jesus

2013-11-10 Eder Goncalves

In Christ What does it mean AM

2013-10-20 Eder Goncalves

In Christ What does it mean

2013-10-20 Eder Goncalves

Commitment Pt two

2013-08-12 Eder Goncalves


2012-12-12 GODS FAVOUR

How is your soul

2012-12-09 Bill Cowie

Pool of Bethsada

2012-12-02 Eder Goncalves

Mountaintops and valleys

2012-11-25 Bill Cowie

Be at rest

2012-11-25 Eder Goncalves

In the beginning

2012-11-18 Bill Cowie

World Focus

2012-11-11 Bill Cowie

Be Healed

2012-11-04 Helio Rodrigues

Albanian Tales

2012-10-28 Helio and Nicole Rodriguez

Give God your all

2012-10-22 Bill Cowie

Let not your heart be troubled

2012-10-21 Eder Goncalves

Faith Wisdom and Power

2012-10-21 Eder Goncalves

Faith Wisdom and Power

2012-10-21 Video


2012-10-14 Darren Condy


2012-10-14 Eder Goncalves

Bill's last preach

2012-10-14 Bill Cowie

Believing the unbelievable

2012-10-07 Bill Cowie

Press on to win your Prize in Him

2012-09-30 Pr Niles

The Power released

2012-09-30 Bill Cowie

Beith Shalom presentation

2012-09-30 Beith Shalom

The body of the church broken for us

2012-09-23 Bill Cowie

Jesus be the centre

2012-09-16 Marcelo Guimares

Be in the river

2012-09-12 Marcelo Guimares

ed 23

2012-09-12 ed 23

Allow the Light of God to grow you

2012-09-02 James Belton


2012-08-26 Darren Condy

Be cleansed by blood and live your new life

2012-08-19 Bill Cowie

God's boundaries not ours

2012-08-19 Eder Goncalves

ExpressingThe Glory of God and Shine Dance Testimony

2012-08-12 Bill Cowie

Confessing to the Lord

2012-08-05 Bill Cowie

Taking stock

2012-07-09 Brian Windran

Remain in Me

2012-03-25 Bill Cowie

Who are you in Christ

2012-03-25 Eder Goncalves

Why do the nations rage

2012-03-18 Bill Cowie

Drink from His spring and not from your well-18-03-12-morning.mp3

2012-03-18 Eder Goncalves

Made alive in Christ

2012-03-11 Jonathan Boyd

Waiting for the sons of God

2012-03-11 Bill Cowie

Always ask Who are You Lord

2012-03-04 Eder Goncalves

What have you got-part 2

2012-02-26 James Belton

What are you giving to God

2012-02-12 Ackermans Valedictory and James Belton

What are you giving to God 1

2012-02-12 Ackermans Valedictory and James Belton

Ackermans Valedictory and James Belton-What are you giving to God-12-02-12-Evening.mp3

2012-02-12 Ackermans Valedictory and James Belton

What God is Really Saying

2012-02-05 John Drummond

Wait for your answer

2012-02-05 Mark Gelliatry

Guard your heart

2012-01-29 Eder Goncalves

Testimonies and Grace

2012-01-22 Brian Windram

Give God your all

2012-01-22 Bill Cowie

Faith in Action

2012-01-15 Bill Cowie

Live in the Kingdom and leave the world behind

2012-01-15 Eder Goncalves

An evening of testimony in word and song

2012-01-12 Steph Mcleod

The Copper Mirror

2012-01-08 Eder Goncalves

Faith and Vision

2012-01-08 Bill Cowie

Dutch Group

2011-10-23 Dutch Group

Know the Battleground

2011-02-27 Bill Cowie

Move into the Light and reject Darkness words

2011-02-27 Duncan Graham

Matt 24 -Birth Pains

2011-02-20 Bill Cowie

Who are you listening to

2011-02-20 Eder Goncalves

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak-James-1v19

2011-02-13 Eder Goncalves

Breakthrough and Change

2011-02-13 Mark Gelliatry


2011-02-06 Eder Goncalves

Psalm 2 Letting Jesus speak

2011-01-30 Bill Cowie

Psalm 2

2011-01-23 Bill Cowie

zechariah 4

2011-01-16 Bill Cowie

Let the Lord shake the room

2011-01-16 Bill Cowie

Prayer for Children-Mark 6-30-44-Give what you have got

2011-01-11 Denise,Bill Cowie

Open the Storehouses

2011-01-11 Brian Windram,Bill Cowie,James Belton

Practical Prophecy

2011-01-11 Gordon Ackerman

Billy Hutton, Bill Cowie, Mark Pharoah- sharing

2011-01-09 Billy Hutton, Bill Cowie, Mark Pharoah

A Corporate Anointing for personal use

2011-01-06 Bill Cowie

The Year of Infinite Expectancy

2011-01-02 Tania, Bill Cowie

Testimonies-Rilza Montgomery-Franklin-Chris-and-Lynn Rose, Bill Cowie

2011-01-02 Rilza Montgomery-Franklin-Chris-and-Lynn Rose, Bill Cowie


2010-11-07 Bill Cowie

James 4v1-9- Submit to God

2010-10-31 Eder Goncalves

Go back to where Jesus is

2010-10-24 Eder Goncalves

God is Faithful so keep Hope in your heart

2010-10-24 Mark Gelliatry

Living and claiming the Promise

2010-10-17 Bill Cowie

Having Honour

2010-10-17 Gordon Ackerman

Sowing the seed to fill the storehouses

2010-10-10 Eder Goncalves

Revelations 3- Using your keys

2010-10-10 Bill Cowie

The fulfilment of Christ in our lives

2010-10-03 Bill Cowie

Eder Goncalves

2010-10-03 Eder Goncalves

Time to stand

2010-09-26 Eder Goncalves

God sees us as perfect

2010-09-26 Bill Cowie

Man plots God laughs

2010-09-19 Bill Cowie

The Foundations are in-Reflections on a weekend

2010-06-27 Brian Windran

When you build the boat let God sail it

2010-06-20 Flavio Guarratto

Move because God is stretching the Tent

2010-06-19 Grahame

Testimonies and baptisms-Get yourself right with God

2010-06-13 Eder Goncalves

God permits Testing

2010-06-10 Bill Cowie

Give everything to God in order to receive your name

2010-06-06 Bill Cowie

Rise and serve Jesus when He brings healing

2010-06-06 Eder Goncalves

Being on Mission in your heart before the street

2010-05-30 Bill Cowie

Being on Mission in your heart before the street

2010-05-30 Bill Cowie

Meeting Jesus as John the Baptist did

2010-05-23 Eder Goncalves

Releasing the Promise of Pentecost

2010-05-23 Bill Cowie

Listening to the Truth not the voice of lies

2010-05-16 Gordon Ackerman

Where is your hope

2010-05-16 Mark Gelliatry

Meeting Jesus as John the Baptist did

2010-05-10 Eder Goncalves

Removing the stones

2010-05-09 James Belton

God's perspective not our perspective

2010-05-02 Eder Goncalves

How God moves in the Political Realm

2010-05-02 Bill Cowie

Arise and clothe yourself

2010-04-25 Bill Cowie

How we can serve others

2010-04-25 Eder Goncalves

The moving of Holy Spirit

2010-04-18 Eder Goncalves

The Holy Spirit changes things

2010-04-18 Bill Cowie

Feedback on bagpipes in Brazil

2010-04-09 Tim Gellatery

The Holy Spirit

2010-03-28 Bill Cowie

The Holy Spirit

2010-03-28 Bill Cowie

Reaching out to the society

2010-03-07 Bill Cowie

The Filling of The Holy Spirit Part 1

2010-02-28 Bill Cowie

This is the year of the Holy Spirit

2010-02-21 Brian Windran

The Filling of The Holy Spirit Part 2

2010-02-11 Bill Cowie

Bill Cowie

2010-02-07 Bill Cowie

God is a God of surprise

2009-11-29 Pr. Hudson Taylor

Standing up for what we believe in

2009-11-26 Eder Ferraz

Bill Cowie 23-11-09 am

2009-11-23 Bill Cowie

November 2009 Bill Cowie

2009-11-22 Bill Cowie

Bill Cowie 22-11-09 pm

2009-11-22 Bill Cowie

Open your eyes and see

2009-11-15 Brian Windran

Do not be afraid

2009-11-09 Pr. Osorio

eder 8-11-09

2009-11-09 Eder Ferraz

Speakin out the Word of God

2009-11-01 Bill Cowie