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Sermons 2017

The Gospel

2017-12-03 Eder Goncalves

Rediscover the Gospel

2017-11-26 Eder Goncalves

Being Fruitful

2017-11-19 Brian Windram

Faith and Hope

2017-11-12 Haven Shank

Fix your Faith

2017-11-12 Andre Barbosa

The lifestyle of the Cross

2017-11-05 Eder Goncalves

What is the Message of The Cross

2017-10-29 Eder Goncalves

The Message of the Cross

2017-10-22 Eder Goncalves

Jesus is The Bread of Life

2017-10-15 Eder Goncalves

The Bread of Life

2017-10-08 Eder Goncalves

The Good News part 1 -AM

2017-10-01 Eder Goncalves

The Good News part 2 - PM

2017-10-01 Eder Goncalves

What news are you watching

2017-09-24 Eder Goncalves

Keep coming back to God

2017-09-19 Martin


2017-09-17 Sam Pangiran

Judgement Day

2017-09-10 Steve Shank

God's way or the highway

2017-09-03 Steve Shank

Letting go of your temple

2017-08-27 Eder Goncalves

Choose this day

2017-08-20 Keith Mothersole

Is Christ supreme in your life

2017-08-06 Eder Goncalves