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Testimony of Anderson Neto de Lima


Anderson Neto de Lima

I am Anderson Neto de Lima, a 35 years old missionary from Goiânia in Brazil and I have the pleasure of writing to tell you about how God changed my life.

In 1999, my older brother went to the blood donation centre to donate blood for a friend. There he found out that he had AIDS. How can I say it... the world collapsed under us!

It caused me so much pain because my brother was married and had two pretty children, a man that was faithful to his wife, but I was the opposite; I slept with many women. I cried to God, "Why my brother? Was it not me who was promiscuous, and now my brother has AIDS?"

My brother told the doctor about his lifestyle, and they decided to do another AIDS test, but using another laboratory, because they had done many tests and they were all positive. I had never spoken to God, but decided to ask the Lord to heal my brother, and in those days I remembered that God existed, and I promised that would give my life to Him, like my mother and my sister who already believed.

The next day my brother went to get the results of the test, and by the grace of God the test was not positive. Amen, Glory to God. But I forgot about my promise. I was very happy, but didn't do what I had said to God; instead after that to my life got worse. If I already drank a lot I began to drink twice as much, to sleep around and to use drugs more than I did before! I went back to my old ways and I forgot everything that I had said to God. Satan had ambushed me.

Six months later I was in São Paulo working for my aunt, when I began to feel a dreadful pain in my head, and felt a small lump in right side of my neck. I took some painkillers since I thought that the pain was because I had travelled the whole night in a bus. The pain went away until six months later, when it came back even stronger and the lump began to grow a lot on the right side of my neck. There were days when I drank so much and took five painkillers until I was totally drugged, and the pain went away, but when it wore off the pain was still there. So I went to the hospital because I couldn't cope with it anymore. The doctors did tests, but couldn't find out what was wrong with me, but something inside me told me insistently that I was very ill.

Then one day I sat down in a pub beside a friend. When I looked at the mirror and saw the lump, it was very big, and I said to my friend that from that day on I would not drink. Everybody just laughed, but that night I drank the last glass of beer of my life. However I still did not remember God. Two days later my mother woke me up and said to me that we would go to the public hospital that morning. When I got there the doctors examined me and sent me to the cancer hospital!

When the doctor said that my mother started crying, and I also was very sad. There was something always saying inside of me that I was very ill. When we left the hospital I began to hear two voices in my head. In the right ear I heard, "You remember what you promised me and didn't do?" In the left ear I heard, "This cancer is going to kill you!" Then I began to remember what I had promised God and had not done.

Before I went to hospital I knew what was wrong with me, and my heart knew also why it was happening. I had never thought that I would find myself in the cancer hospital. It was very difficult for me the first time I went because you see so much suffering and sorrow. I was examined and they took a biopsy from my throat for a detailed investigation. Then I began reading the Bible and speaking to God; I began to have intimacy with God.

Eight days later my mother and I went to get the results. I was very anxious, but I already knew what I had, because those voices didn't leave my ears. The doctor said that I had extensive malignant cancer of the throat. My mother cried a lot, but I already knew that I was very sick. I told my mother to stop crying, because I knew I was ill, but if she continued crying I would be sad, so she stopped.

Since I had been speaking to God for some time now, God by his mercy had prepared me for that moment. He was calling me to Himself. I gave my life completely to the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul, and came face to face with God.

Next time I visited the hospital, they told me I couldn't have an operation because the cancer was so advanced, so I started radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I left the hospital very sad, but speaking to God, knowing that everything that I was going through was His will. When I got on the bus I began to cry to God, saying that either He should heal me as He says in the Word, in Luke 5:17, or He should take my life away so that I wouldn't suffer anymore, but let His will be done.

When I got home I was very depressed, and when my mother saw me she began to cry. That almost killed me. Then I went to have a shower and knelt down under the shower and spoke with God there and then. "Why me, with cancer? Why me?" Then I finished crying I began to feel something different in my body; the pain left me and I didn't feel ill any more from that day on. I stood up and I turned the shower off and took my towel and began to dry myself. As the towel passed over the lump I found it had shrunk down and was soft and could move. Before that the lump had been just like a bone, so hard and immovable. That day God had touched me and healed me, GLORY TO GOD!

Over three days the lump shrank down to nothing. After ten days of treatment the doctors did other tests and did not find any tumour, but I already knew that God had healed my body. But then God started healing my inside; I began my spiritual treatment with God, while every day I had the medical treatments from the doctors. Five days a week I had radiotherapy and frequent chemotherapy. For three months I had treatments and tests. I lost 15 kilos of weight, and for two months I completely lost my sense of taste. I suffered a lot with this treatment! 

Anderson Neto de Lima


I started going to the Pentecostal Presbyterian Church of Goiânia where my mother and sister used to go. Through seeing all the things that I had gone through, my brothers Cleber and Cleidson gave their lives to Jesus Christ too. Glory to God.

God began to use me in His work, everywhere I went speaking about Him and seeing others healed. God spoke to me about the healing that He had done in my life, and I received a calling from God to international mission. Then came the day when the doctors had a meeting with me and said that I was cured of the cancer. Amen! Then I told my Church about God's power and mercy for the Church and people were converted. Now, 10 years later, I am a missionary. I am in the Scotland through the Tentmakers project. I have loads more to share, because it is tremendous what God has done in my life.
May God bless everyone that reads this page in the Name of Jesus Christ. He will, if you believe in the Lord Jesus!