Seeing God's Word Come Alive...

Sermons 2011

Know the Battleground

2011-02-27 Bill Cowie

Move into the Light and reject Darkness words

2011-02-27 Duncan Graham

Matt 24 -Birth Pains

2011-02-20 Bill Cowie

Who are you listening to

2011-02-20 Eder Goncalves

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak-James-1v19

2011-02-13 Eder Goncalves

Breakthrough and Change

2011-02-13 Mark Gelliatry


2011-02-06 Eder Goncalves

Psalm 2 Letting Jesus speak

2011-01-30 Bill Cowie

Psalm 2

2011-01-23 Bill Cowie

zechariah 4

2011-01-16 Bill Cowie

Let the Lord shake the room

2011-01-16 Bill Cowie

Prayer for Children-Mark 6-30-44-Give what you have got

2011-01-11 Denise,Bill Cowie

Open the Storehouses

2011-01-11 Brian Windram,Bill Cowie,James Belton

Practical Prophecy

2011-01-11 Gordon Ackerman

Billy Hutton, Bill Cowie, Mark Pharoah- sharing

2011-01-09 Billy Hutton, Bill Cowie, Mark Pharoah

A Corporate Anointing for personal use

2011-01-06 Bill Cowie

The Year of Infinite Expectancy

2011-01-02 Tania, Bill Cowie

Testimonies-Rilza Montgomery-Franklin-Chris-and-Lynn Rose, Bill Cowie

2011-01-02 Rilza Montgomery-Franklin-Chris-and-Lynn Rose, Bill Cowie