Seeing God's Word Come Alive...

Sermons 2010

Dutch Group

2011-10-23 Dutch Group


2010-11-07 Bill Cowie

James 4v1-9- Submit to God

2010-10-31 Eder Goncalves

Go back to where Jesus is

2010-10-24 Eder Goncalves

God is Faithful so keep Hope in your heart

2010-10-24 Mark Gelliatry

Living and claiming the Promise

2010-10-17 Bill Cowie

Having Honour

2010-10-17 Gordon Ackerman

Sowing the seed to fill the storehouses

2010-10-10 Eder Goncalves

Revelations 3- Using your keys

2010-10-10 Bill Cowie

The fulfilment of Christ in our lives

2010-10-03 Bill Cowie

Eder Goncalves

2010-10-03 Eder Goncalves

Time to stand

2010-09-26 Eder Goncalves

God sees us as perfect

2010-09-26 Bill Cowie

Man plots God laughs

2010-09-19 Bill Cowie

The Foundations are in-Reflections on a weekend

2010-06-27 Brian Windran

When you build the boat let God sail it

2010-06-20 Flavio Guarratto

Move because God is stretching the Tent

2010-06-19 Grahame

Testimonies and baptisms-Get yourself right with God

2010-06-13 Eder Goncalves

God permits Testing

2010-06-10 Bill Cowie

Give everything to God in order to receive your name

2010-06-06 Bill Cowie