Seeing God's Word Come Alive...

Sermons 2009

Are we blind?

2014-02-16 Eder Goncalves

Listening to the Truth not the voice of lies

2010-05-16 Gordon Ackerman

God is a God of surprise

2009-11-29 Pr. Hudson Taylor

Standing up for what we believe in

2009-11-26 Eder Ferraz

Bill Cowie 23-11-09 am

2009-11-23 Bill Cowie

November 2009 Bill Cowie

2009-11-22 Bill Cowie

Bill Cowie 22-11-09 pm

2009-11-22 Bill Cowie

Open your eyes and see

2009-11-15 Brian Windran

Do not be afraid

2009-11-09 Pr. Osorio

eder 8-11-09

2009-11-09 Eder Ferraz

Speakin out the Word of God

2009-11-01 Bill Cowie